Tweet Racers Sneak Peak Video

Team GL is all about having a good time and laughing your way through life.  And in the spirit of having a boatload of fun, we’ve got lots of goofy things in store for you while following our journey to Dallas in the Mercedes Benz Tweet Race.  One exciting thing we’ve done is to create our very own music video for Team GL’s official theme song, “Tweet Racers.”  Although the world premiere of the full video won’t be released until Tuesday, February 1st, we are giving you a sneak peek at the awesomeness that lies ahead.  Check it out:

Big thanks to Oscar Alcantara for his music recording skills, Jon Sinclair for his camera magic, Sean Berringer for his editing prowess, and Melissa Von Bjal for her groovy graphics.

Remember to come back Tuesday, February 1st, for the big reveal of the full-length video! We promise you’ll love it — it’s Laverne & Shirley meets Pussy Cat Dolls…suburban style.

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4 Responses to Tweet Racers Sneak Peak Video

  1. Melisa says:

    Laverne & Shirley!! hahaha LOVE IT!

    Who’s going to wear the huge cursive letter on her shirt? 🙂

  2. Reid Adair says:

    Sweet! Can’t wait to see the entire video.

  3. J.R. Reed says:

    Uh…That was hot. Is it Tuesday yet???

  4. You both are too funny! I just gave you an award today over at my blog. Hop on over and check it out!


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