Things I’ve Learned This Week


** If I held my breath for a big Valentine’s Day surprise, I’d surely end up dead.

** A pre-shower naked dance is evidently becoming a nightly ritual around here.

** Yoga is like church for the body and the soul — can I get an AMEN??!!

** Every time I hear the word “luge“, I can’t help but think of K-Y.

** My cell phone has confirmed the location of the Bermuda Triangle as that place between the driver’s seat and middle console of my car.

** Our backyard will be a land mine of poop once this snow finally melts.

** I’m not sure who liked The Lego Movie more — the kids or my husband and me.

** The more you expect from a person, the more he or she will likely let you down.

** Homework gives me a massive headache. ย And a massive craving for wine.

** It’s such a warm and fuzzy feeling you get when you tell your kid you love him, and his response is, “Ok“.

** I’m the QUEEN of hiding gifts for other people in places I can never find again.

** Despite what I might think, God does not give me more than I can handle.



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2 Responses to Things I’ve Learned This Week

  1. DJ says:

    I was led here by another blogger (via Bloggy Moms), she said your site is hilarious…
    She was right…:P

    I look forward to peeing in my pants!
    What did I learn this week? I learned having my appendix removed and fixing the ovary torsion while being 27 weeks pregnant frickin’ HURTS! If childbirth (my first), is easier than this…I can handle it! I’ve also learned to let go the fact that I’ll never have a pretty belly again (not that I had one in the first place, but I like to think I would, post-pregnancy).

    • nuckingfutsmama says:

      Welcome to my tales of crazy! Always happy to have new readers, especially ones who pee their pants laughing! ๐Ÿ™‚

      So sorry to hear about your surgery — that sucks! Wishing you a speedy recovery & a healthy pregnancy! ๐Ÿ™‚

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