Milking the Moment


With life constantly throwing reminders at me that my kids are, in fact, growing up (cell phones, sleepovers, bike riding to school — EEK!), I often get swept up in the everyday craziness of just trying to keep up with it all.  Half the time they don’t want to talk to me, let alone listen to me, and, much to my dismay, hanging out with friends is starting to trump hanging out with Mom.  So on the rare occasion that one of my twinks wants to *gasp* snuggle with me and *gulp* sit and actually read a book with me, well, then, I pretty much need to milk that opportunity for all it’s worth.

It was way past bedtime one day last week, and my son was STILL antsy and not anywhere near ready to lay his head down for the night (kinda typical of him actually).  Of course, this could not be more different than MY state of mind, as I was darn near collapsing after yet another carpooling marathon.  My daughter had already passed out in her bed, but my son was flat-out begging me to read a story to him.  I honestly didn’t know if I could even keep my eyes open long enough to get through the first page of any book.  I was THAT exhausted.

However, when my little dude pulled “Mike Mulligan and his Steam Shovel” off the shelf, my heart literally skipped a beat.  A big smile quickly spread over my worn-out face as I looked at the grinning kid before me.  All the sweet memories of reading that classic story over and over again to my boy as a toddler came flooding back to me, and suddenly, I wasn’t so tired anymore.

My big fifth grader plopped his lanky body down into my lap, and I pulled him in close as we dove into the adventures of Mike and his partner, Mary Anne.  We’ve read it so many times that we probably could have recited the words by heart, but we lingered on each page nonetheless, appreciating each paragraph and illustration as if it was our first time. It truly was one of those warm and fuzzy parenting moments you dream about. And as much as I wished the story and that instant would go on forever, we got to the end way faster than I’d hoped.  If only I could’ve held onto him, I mean it, just a little while longer….

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8 Responses to Milking the Moment

  1. Daniela says:

    Wow! This a sweet post! Thank you for sharing!
    Is amazing how fast they grow! But they will always be our little babies.

  2. Amy says:

    Beautiful, funny, heart warming story. Love Mike Mulligan and Mary Ann too. No matter how old, we all find comfort in snuggling down with a good story.

  3. So sweet. Wishing you many more of those moments before they grow up even more.

  4. Laura Tiebert says:

    This is so poignant! When moments like this happen I eat them up, because you never know when it might be the last time _______ (fill in blank – you read that book together, he gives you a kiss on the way out the door to school …). Watching them grow up is so, so bittersweet. Thank you for this and happy carpooling 🙂

    • nuckingfutsmama says:

      Thanks for reading, Laura! Yes, it is soooooo bittersweet! Can’t we just put them in a jar & keep ’em this age forever????? 🙂

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