You Say It’s Your Birthday? Well, It’s My Birthday, Too!


It’s hard to believe that ten whole years have passed since I was squeezing my legs together like a freaking vice so my twins wouldn’t be born on my birthday.  Yep, call me crazy, but I did NOT wanna have to share the same b-day as my kiddos.  I mean, seriously, moms get so few days of recognition as it is!  And, dammit, I wanted my own day for myself!  Thankfully, my mission was accomplished, and my babies were born three days after my birthday.  So, unlike me, they’ve had to learn throughout the years how to compromise with each other on their shared day of birth, like it or not.

We used to get away with the ol’ joint birthday party, knocking out both kids’ celebrations in one fell swoop.  They pretty much had all the same friends anyway, so it was like killing two birds with the same stone.  A few hours with a bunch of sugar-fueled kids running their asses off at Pump It Up, and we could call it a day.  As they’ve gotten older, though, their interests have totally changed, and we’ve had to succumb to separate parties for separate kids.

So now, we do the whole marathon party day.  We go balls-to-the-wall all day long to celebrate each twin’s special day separately, respectively.  And this year?  Well, my daughter’s requested a spa day with her friends (what can I say — like mother, like daughter), while my son just wants to have a few buddies over to play Minecraft in the basement (which, ironically, is not much different than any other given day, but, hey, who am I to argue with simplicity??!!)  We like to give the people what they want.

So this Saturday, we’ll be gearing up for some non-stop partying with the big ten year olds.  Double digits — I can hardly believe it.  A whole decade of memories.  And they still are the very BEST gifts I’ve ever gotten.

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7 Responses to You Say It’s Your Birthday? Well, It’s My Birthday, Too!

  1. Mom2Trplts says:

    Same! Only it was hubby who didn’t want to share. His birthday is on the 4th (pick a month) and the Dr. called on the 3rd to say he thought the triplets were ready for delivery. **Gasp** not sharing. Not even for the 5th, said he needed time to recover. “From the delivery? I asked”….. No, from the birthday! Babies delivered healthy on the 6th! After 15 years, he was wise! Four people with the same birth DAY would have sent me over the top.

  2. Happy birthday to you ALL!

  3. jane says:

    OMG! is that really you in the picture? or is that photoshopped? your belly is huge!

    • nuckingfutsmama says:

      Yep, that’s me in all my beached-whale glory! Can you tell how happy I was that Jeff was playing paparazzi at that particular moment???? 😉

  4. Such a cute picture. Happy Birthday to all of you. And I agree on the whole May flowers thing. Andy Avalos is starting to get on my nerves these days. We shouldn’t have to wear gloves during the last week of April right?

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