Bad Dog

So lately, our dog has really been pressing his luck around here.  Just when I think I might actually kinda like the big ol’ doofus, he goes and does something SO incredibly naughty that I wanna open the front door and allow him to become a street dog.  And unfortunately for my mother-in-law, his latest incredibly naughty “something” just so happened to involve the mutilation of her winter coat.

It all started when I attempted to weed out our overstuffed coat closet.  One particular item that got pulled out of all the clutter was my mother-in-law’s coat, which she keeps at our house since she resides in Florida.  I had planned to move the coat up to our guest bedroom to create more space in the closet.  However, I ended up having to quickly drape it over the stair railing when I realized that it was time to run over and pick up the kids from school.

When I returned with the kids and walked into the house, it looked like a damn crime scene.  Clumps of fur were scattered here and there and everywhere, and my first thought was that the dog had finally murdered my daughter’s pet guinea pig.  My heart sank as I scrambled to think of a way to tell her that Goatdog had made himself a guinea pig sandwich.

As I continued to collect the trail of fluff balls, though, it happened to dawn on me that they very eerily resembled the fur-lined hood of my mother-in-law’s coat.  Oh no he did-int!  I grabbed the coat to examine the damage, and sure enough, the jackass had pulled the fur right off the flippin’ hood.  So I guess we’ll be buying Mammaw a brand new coat now — AWESOMESAUCE.  I’m sure she’ll appreciate her new cloak as much as she’ll appreciate Goatdog’s Halloween costume this year:

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4 Responses to Bad Dog

  1. Rebecca Oistad says:

    Hysterical….I mean the post, not the fact that the dog mutilated the coat. :0

  2. As the owner of a crazy Airedale too, I sympathise with you! As funny as this story sounds (well, it is…a little bit) it can be so frustrating…their instinct to seek out animals is mad! We lost a kitty to Teddy and since we live in the country, he’s outdoors mostly and is constantly digging for critters. Hope your mum will be happy with her new coat. Love the Bad Dog shirt! Imen xx

  3. Laci says:

    Oh Freakin No!!! That’s as bad as my dog making chew toys out of hubs Cole Haans. I have yet to replace those, but get reminded of them very often.

  4. Marta says:

    My dog can be ridiculously awful, I feel like we’d need to keep him in the bad dog costume year round =)

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