Why AT&T Can Suck It

Why is it that phone companies make you feel like you’re joining a friggin’ cult when you sign up for one of their jackass plans?  It’s as if they expect you to give up your first-born child and gnaw off your own damn leg in order to switch to another company.  And forget about getting an actual live human being that has even a fraction of a brain if, God forbid, you try to call them up to question anything.  You might as well just succumb to the fact that your boobs and/or balls will be sagging to your knees while your pubic hair turns gray during the MULTIPLE hours that you’ll inevitably be stuck waiting on hold.

This is precisely what we’ve been dealing with during our five-day battle with the a-holes at AT&T.  What happened was that my husband inquired with another company about switching plans but then decided against it after running the numbers.  And apparently, that company went ahead and ordered a disconnect service with AT&T who precisely shut off both our internet AND phone service on Saturday.  And let me just tell ya that the Nucking Futs Clan does NOT do the pioneer thing very well.

My husband and I each took our individual turns trying to rectify the situation, only to be transferred from one yahoo to another.  And not only were these people COMPLETELY useless in the helping department, but they also spoke as if they were cramming massive wads of cotton balls into their mouths.  I’m not sure if there’s a single soul on this earth who could actually identify the “words” coming out of their yappers.  There’s really only so much jerking around a person can take before f-bombs start to rise to the surface of the throat.  And after you keep a girl on hold for nearly NINETY freakin’ minutes, and then try to proposition her to buy even more of your shitty services???  Well, that’s just asking for a beat-down, now isn’t it?

So here we are, five days later, and we STILL have no internet service in our home.  My husband and I should probably start popping blood pressure medication for all the boiling that’s been going on in our veins.  I’m quite certain that we will promptly be switching our services to another provider, and preferably one who doesn’t keep its head up its ass.  Oh, and we’re also saving up all of Goatdog’s piles of shit to compile a care package for the fine folks at AT&T.  It’s only fair that we thank them for all their assistance, don’t ya think????

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10 Responses to Why AT&T Can Suck It

  1. OMG that is crazy! I would go into the AT&T store and sit there (with the kids and dog) until they got it all fixed!

  2. Angie B. says:

    First I didn’t know another company could have your service shut off in the first place so that would have me pissed as well. Second, I know what you mean about AT&T. We recently upgraded our cell phones from there (Samsung Flight II) and we have had all kinds of problems and they think we’re crazy. We’ve only been with them for like 6 years and have never complained but once we did they don’t want to hear it or don’t have a solution.

    We personally had a very bad time with Verizon when we had our internet through them. I’d sit on the phone with them a few hours every week doing the same things over again and they tried to blame the problem on us. We have since switched to Road Runner and have never had a connection problem since.

  3. ATTJohnathon says:

    I apologize for the trouble you’ve experienced and I’ll try to help. Can you send me an email with a contact number?


  4. B. Real says:

    As part of AT&T Group Therapy, I’ll share my 2 tales:

    1. Knowing I was going over my minutes, I called AT&T and increased my plan. Next month I get a bill for $600 more – they had canceled my “free nights & weekends” when I made the change. I pointed out “clearly it’s your mistake, I didn’t change my plan, then exceed my minutes by 3X”. They fought it and stuck me with the $600.

    2. On my way to Cabo, I called AT&T and changed to an international plan. When I landed, my phone didn’t work – so I placed 4 2-minute calls from a payphone. Cost? $158 (I’m not kidding) When I returned to the U.S., I called AT&T to find out the problem: they had accidentally put me on the Air Canada plan! Ooops…they gave me a break – $100 off, so they ONLY ripped me off by $58!

    AT&T is the devil, change at all costs. I’ve heard WAY too many similar tales.

    Hang in there!

  5. elia says:

    we had been talking and going to the store. they said they had fixed our phone. i dont even know how many times we went. we wanted international—but what they gave us (since we live at a border town and cross into mexico everyday) was a $20 charge everytime we crossed. “but we fixed sir”, “yes sir, it all should be fixed”, and “oh yes, sure everything is going to be great and your plan should cost you $100 somthing every month”—–OH GOD!!!! lies. $800 to $400 bucks….thanks for helping us open our new business!!

  6. Danielle says:

    I too am having issues with our cell phone provider, Verizon. I have found they have terrible customer serivice! They processed my payment twice, causing my account to overdraft. Their way of “fixing” the problem, we’ll refund the payment, it’ll take 7 days. Not once did anyone apologize or try and rectify the situation. Instead they tried telling me I made two payments and it was my fault!! Right, I love just throwing around money. No big deal! Good luck in your search! Please share if you find a GOOD service provider!

  7. John says:

    At some point, they’ll start to realize that internet access is just as important as water & electricity for a family…you don’t fuck with the service.

    I once got double-charged by Comcast for a technician visit . . . went through 8 days of daily phone calls and three outages before things were rectified. I blame the fact that I’m going bald, at least partly, on that ordeal.

  8. Kat says:

    Oh boy, I feel so lucky! I live in Montreal and have my cell phone, cable and internet with the local cable company (Videotron) and have never had a problem with them. The services are consistantly good, their customer service is helpful (and understandable) and their invoices easy to read. I hope that you get your problems solved soon – it SO sucks to be without internet!

  9. We are about to move and I am TERRIFIED of setting up cable, phone, internet etc. TERRIFIED. Who KNOWS what can happen? ANYTHING can happen. . . I long for the easy days when we just had a rotary phone in the kitchen with a super long cord, and maybe call waiting . . . .

  10. One Blonde says:

    I couldn’t agree more, i stayed orginally cuz of my iphone, now only because it will cost too damn much to break my contract. I can’t believe I pay $200 bucks a month on a cell phone bill for 2 people. Damn iphone addiction! LOL
    Just wanted to stop by and let you know I awarded you the stylish blogger award( http://bit.ly/eog9rc ) Keep up the good work!

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