Mercedes in Real Life

In preparation for our upcoming cross-country Twitter-fueled road trip to Dallas, @Hoo_dee_Hoo and I have been trying to find ways to inspire our peeps to interact with us more.  One thing we’ve been doing is challenging our supporters to find Mercedes in everyday “real life.”  Now maybe it’s just a daydream as you’re scrubbing smooshed Cheerios off the floor, but if you try really really hard, you might just see that Mercedes symbol in your otherwise run-of-the-mill surroundings.  Here are some examples:

Wanna get in on the fun?  Simply “look” for the symbol in your own world and post a picture of it on Twitter with the hashtags #MercedesIRL #MBteamGL.  And remember, next week we’re gonna need a CRAP-TON of tweets to keep our car going!  We truly can’t do it without all of you!  Please please please don’t leave us stranded in a corn field!

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