The Race to the Big Game

So you’ve probably seen me blabbering on and on about the Mercedes Benz Tweet Race, and truth be told, you’ll likely continue to hear about it as the start date of February 2 lingers in the not-so-far-off distance.  To get you even more fired up to jump on board our team GL, my co-driver, @Hoo_dee_Hoo, and I thought we’d share with you the application video we made at the start of this whole crazy process.  I guess after seeing how nucking futty our worlds really are, the kind folks at Mercedes Benz thought we deserved the get the hell out of dodge for a few days.

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7 Responses to The Race to the Big Game

  1. Well you gals know you have my support so…. Go Nucking Futs!

  2. You go gals! You two better film yourself when you drive, it would be hilarious to watch! You’ve got my vote, good luck!


  3. Marylu says:

    You gals definitely have the superior video!! You go girls!

  4. Marylu says:

    I’m confident you can win this race!!

  5. Sara Broers says:

    Love it~ Hey, Goat Dog looks pretty cool too! Can’t wait….You two are gonna rock at this race.

  6. Wait….you wore your thong backwards?!?
    I’ll draw that – haha!

    Great video! And I’ll do my best to send some tweets your way ;D

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