The Sex Game Gift

Christmas just wouldn’t be Christmas in my house if there wasn’t at least one embarrassing moment to store in the old memory bank.  There was the one time that my daughter ran around with the red lacy thong on her head that Santa had left in my stocking.  Then there was the time that my father-in-law opened up a big Hickory Farms sausage right after opening up a jar of “Crack Cream.”  And now this year, I can add the moment when I unwrapped a sex game (check at in front of not only my parents, but also my wide-eyed and VERY curious seven year olds.

So, to set the scene, it was Christmas morning, and we’d all piled into the living room to open the remaining gifts from under the tree.  The kids were fairly content, having just tore through the contents of their stockings, and my husband and I decided to exchange the few gifts that we’d bought for each other.  After we’d finished, my mother-in-law said that she wanted to share the gifts that she’d brought for my parents and my husband and me.  This came as somewhat of a pleasant surprise to us since the adults in our family made the decision years ago to focus only on gifts for the kids at Christmas and to not buy presents for each other.  Each adult might get a little something in his or her stocking, but that’s about it.

The first gift my husband opened was a little screwdriver set to keep in the kitchen — harmless enough.  I then opened up a thing of post-it notes, which I always need since my kids constantly steal my damn notepads.  And then my daughter brought over a small present that was labeled to both my husband and me.  Not thinking a thing about it, I ripped off the wrapping paper and held up what appeared to be a deck of cards.  However, upon second glance, I noticed that the box had the letters “S-E-X” written in bright red on the front of it.  And when I looked even closer at the box, I realized that it was actually a card game.  Holy shit!  It was a card game of sexual positions!  WTF?!

I laughed nervously as I glanced in the direction of my parents who also had awkward grins plastered on their faces.  My mother-in-law chuckled and said something about there being “a story that went along with this.”  And even though I was dying to hear what it was, I suddenly remembered that my nosy kids were sitting not even two feet in front of me.  So I jammed the deck of cards into the seat cushions of the sofa before any little brains could register the words on the box.  I could fudge my way through a half-assed talk about the birds and bees with two seven-year-olds, but I sure as hell didn’t wanna get into a discussion about doggy-style versus cowgirl.

Unfortunately, I never even had a chance to find out the true story behind the gift before my mother-in-law left town.  I’m sure it’s actually quite funny.  Guess I’ll have to get the low-down at another time.  In the meantime, though, I need to find a good hiding place for this little gift.  Something tells me it should be kept in a REALLY separate place from Monopoly and Chutes & Ladders….

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10 Responses to The Sex Game Gift

  1. lol… these embarrassing moments are what make up life!! Every family has them, and they get funnier and funnier as the children grow.. they somehow remember more details that we thought!! all in all, thanks for sharing, it really is a funny story!

  2. Reid Adair says:

    Now that’s funny. I would definitely keep those cards somewhere FAR from the Monopoly and the Chutes & Ladders.

  3. Heather says:

    That’s funny. When you find out the real story you’ll have to let us know!

  4. DCUrbanDad says:

    That’s something my Dad would do. Go MIL!!!

  5. Leslie says:

    That’s awesome. Our S-E-X of Christmas vacation was going to see Black Swan with my 18 yr old son and my parents. Too bad I didn’t know there was S-E-X in it…including some g/g stuff. Poor kid. I think he’s traumatized for life. I would have told him to go see Inside Job in the next theatre by himself if I knew!

  6. Love this! This picture is hysterical! I so wish I were a fly on the wall when you opened that! I can’t believe you don’t know the real reason for the gift. When you find out you must tell us!


  7. Julie says:

    My in-laws, who live across country, always send each one of my family members stockings. Last Christmas, my stocking had a bottle of KY jelly in it – the “tingling massage” kind. I still haven’t had the guts to ask them what the Hell they were thinking, but it WILL be in a book someday! Thanks for sharing your story so I know I’m not alone in receiving creepy sex gifts from the MIL…

  8. Ladyof3 says:

    Ha! We keep ours buried deep between our rather heavy king sized mattress! Just a suggestion!

  9. Kat says:

    OMG, when I clicked on this post and saw that picture, I nearly fell out of my chair laughing. I love it! I can’t believe you got that gift from your MIL. She must be one hell of a cool woman. You’ll definitely have to share the story behind that gift when you hear it!

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