Doggone It Already


My daughter is absolutely head over heels CRAZY about dogs.  She has been praying to receive a new puppy for every holiday from Christmas to St. Patrick’s Day for the past two years.  Even though I know she’d be an amazing canine playmate, I am fully aware who would actually bear the burden of the responsibility for this furry friend.  (I’ll give you a hint:  it is not someone under the age of 36….) We thought we’d test the waters with the whole idea of a family pet back in the fall when we bought a beta fish. The poor fish should be on its last fin because no one EVER remembers to feed the damn thing. I’m actually afraid he’s going to go into cardiac arrest because he literally freaks out when he so much as sees the bag of food coming near his bowl.  I, myself, always grew up with a dog, so I fully expect to have one running through our house, wreaking havoc again sometime in the near future.  I just have to decide at what point my sanity can take on yet another needy being who requires 24/7 energy-sucking care.  I already have three of those if you count my husband….

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    Interesting blog, I’ll try and spread the word.

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