Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow

My husband says I’m a marketer’s dream.  (Guess it’s a good thing I married someone in advertising then, huh?)  I’m a total impulse buyer and can be so easily swayed by the so-called “promises” of a product.  Perhaps that’s why I was swept right up into the whole hoopla of the Keratin hair straightening craze.  (And by the way, to my guy readers?  Please don’t necessarily feel like you have to do an about-face on this very “girly” blog post — I may or may not include talk of beer and strippers later on, so hang tight.)

Since I have naturally wavy hair that takes FOR-FREAKING-EVER to blowdry straight, my hairdresser thought I’d be the perfect candidate for this “amazing” Keratin treatment that takes the major wave and frizz out of the hair, thereby making it much easier to style.  After several months of hemming and hawing about it, she finally talked me into doing it.  So, given that it costs a hefty $350, I then finagled my husband into getting it for my birthday in April.

**boobs, beer, strippers, boobs, beer, strippers** (had to throw that in there for the guy readers….)

     At first, I L-O-V-E-D the results.  I could whip my hair into shape like I was frickin’ Ken Paves.  No more everyday ponytails for this chicky!  I was lettin’ it down on a daily basis because my hair and I had finally grown to like each other again.  We were like newlyweds, and I just couldn’t keep my hands off it.  However, as with most marriages, the honeymoon period was very short-lived.  Not even two and a half months after forking over all that dough and the damn thing was all but gone from my frickin’ hair.  Talk about a buzz kill!

**boobs, beer strippers, boobs, beer, strippers** (You still with me, guy readers??  Come on, now, stick with me!)

     And as if that wasn’t bad enough, I also began to lose ridiculous amounts of hair each time I actually shampooed.  Thank the Lord that I have a shit-ton of hair to begin with or else I’d most definitely look like Telly Savalas by now — who loves ya kid?  Seriously, we’re talkin’ about SCARY amounts of hair left in the drain.  Makes me wonder just what in the crap kind of chemicals have been caked on my friggin’ hair.

     Needless to say, I will NOT be going for Round 2 of the Keratin treatment.  In my honest opinion, it was a total freakin’ waste of money.  And yes, I’m sending out a big “Sorry, Honey” to my husband for throwing away his hard-earned Benjamins on something that was so fleeting.  Perhaps he would’ve been more rewarded spending his money on boobs, beer & strippers???

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14 Responses to Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow

  1. it’s freaky when you’re hair falls out like that isn’t it?!?! Here’s hoping it stops soon!


  2. jana says:

    Magik-Straight was all the craze when I first came to Korea in 2008. Everybody was doing it (which is ridiculously insane since Asian hair is genetically predisposed to be straight!)

    Anyway, from what I gathered from my 8-year-old students,
    “Teacher, must not to do two times one year. You do, your hair fall down.”

    I guess in America, we want everything better and you might have gotten the “you do once, your hair falls out” super-strength treatment.

    Hopefully, it’ll stop soon. I really can’t decide what’s worse about hair falling out – the fear you might not be left with any, or the annoying task of pulling it from the drain.

  3. Joseph V says:

    You lost me at the first : **boobs, beer, strippers, boobs, beer, strippers**

    Sorry to hear about the hair. It is pretty scray when it falls out in large amounts.

    **boobs, beer, strippers, boobs, beer, strippers**

  4. OHmommy says:

    Really? Really? Everyone seems to LOVE it and I was almost convinced to spend the dough on it.

  5. Andie says:

    Got the same kind of hair. And the only way I’ve been able to deal with it and motherhood simultaneously is to keep it short!

  6. tcrpmg says:

    Did you say beer, boobs and strippers?

  7. Dolli says:

    I had mine chemically sraightened. No one where I live does Keratin. It cost about $85 tip, and I sm pretty happy with it. I still have wave when my hair air drys, but it’s soooo much easier to blow dry & straighten. I highly recommend someone who specializes in ethnic hair, they have more experience. She told me that for Caucasian hair it should last 4-6 months. Also try Morrocan oil if you haven’t. It’s awesome for controlling flyaways.

  8. Evonne says:

    That sucks! I was thinking about saving up to get that done to my hair. Not anymore! Maybe I’ll convince my husband to put the money towards my boobs!

  9. I’m a hairstylist and I actuall DO these treatments! I also have crazy curly hair but I just wear it curly in all it’s craziness! Anyway ur hair shouldn’t be falling out that sucks. I would let your stylist know. I do agree with you though, I love the results of the keratin but I wish it lasted longer. Especially as pricey as it is. p. s. Love your posts and tweets, crack me up!!

  10. Ruth Clark says:

    Yikes, it’s scary to think of the things we go through for beauty. I have super thick, super wavy, frizzy hair that I hate….is it sad I am sitting here thinking I manage some hair falling out if it means I can get this mop top under control?

  11. dozenroses13 says:

    I asked my best friend in FL about it because she had it done and I knew she had a problem with her treatment as well. They told her that the shampoo and conditioner she uses can’t have sulfates in them. If she used regular shampoo it could make the treatment not last as long. Her results weren’t so different from yours. 1 1/2 to 2 months and then a decrease.

    She had a problem with her salon though because she went in for something to be done and they washed her hair with regular shampoo with sulfates in it. When she complained they gave her a big problem. I would have stopped going to the place.

    She did say that she’s never had clumps of hair fall out, but there is formaldehyde in it, so when they dry and flat iron your hair you don’t want to breathe in the fumes. She keeps saying she won’t do it again but she likes it enough in the humid summer to keep going back 🙁

  12. I “bartered” with my husband for hair extensions (even though my hair is long already) and he agreed to the whopping $2000 for the weave – then our dryer broke. So much for hair extensions – I guess I’m maturing.

  13. Jasmine says:

    I don’t want to brag…but….Hurray for straight hair!!!

    You curly/wavy haired girls crack me up doing everything you can to make your hair as straight as mine…..When I think back to the 80’s as a teenager in TX, I would’ve killed for one little tiny hint of curl!

  14. Erin says:

    well I’m throwing that idea out the window right now—I was debating it as well. I had stick-straight hair until my girls were born. something about pregnancy changed that and it’s gotten some annoying and random waves plus it’s frizzy. i guess it’s still ponytail city for this gal.

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