Cupid's Arrow Must've Missed Me

To follow up on a recent post describing a certain kindergarten boy as quite possibly the next Hugh Hefner, I wanted to say, I stand corrected. This little boy not only made my daughter’s face light up with a gigantic smile, but he also totally showed up my husband on the Hallmark holiday of all holidays.  This little Romeo made a surprise visit here at our house this morning with a long stemmed white rose and a very special Charlie Brown valentine card for my lucky little girl.  He presented it to her with a great big hug and a tiny nervous giggle — what more could a girl want? As I’m standing there with the video camera trying to capture this incredibly sweet and romantic event, I suddenly realized that I hadn’t even gotten so much as a card from my own, much older, valentine! Seriously, what is wrong with this picture?!  My five year old daughter was wooed way more than me.  Kudos, though, to this young stud for making my 35 year-old husband squirm in his shoes!


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