The Meet and Greet

149113391v7_240x240_Front     Today was the Meet & Greet with all the teachers at school, and my kids were totally psyched about meeting their mysterious new first grade teachers. I wondered if they’d even go to sleep last night from all the built-up excitement.  We’ve been hearing little things here and there about their teachers from kids who were formerly in their classrooms, so we were all anxious to finally set off to see the wizard (so to speak).  

     My daughter was ready and impatiently waiting by the front door of our house WAY before I was even close to walking out the door with them this morning.  The fact that it was raining did nothing to hinder anyone’s spirits, but when we finally headed out, my daughter was suddenly in a tizzy about her dress getting dirty on the walk to school. Apparently, she wanted to make a good first impression or something.  I had to remind myself that this was the same child who was playing with grasshoppers and dead cicadas just the day before, and now she wanted to get all prissy on me?!  Of course, my son was more interested in stomping in every single rain puddle he could find to see just how dirty he could get his shorts — yep, he’s all boy.

     When we finally reached the school, I wished I would’ve grabbed some Tylenol to stash in my purse (and perhaps even a flask).  It was about two hundred degrees inside the school, and the noise level was almost deafening.  Kids were running from room to room and parents were having to practically shout to be able to hear each other.  It was pure pandemonium. The few moms that I tried to talk to seemed just as frazzled as me.  I wanted to find our new classrooms quickly and escape some of the madness taking place in the halls.

     I was then faced with my usual mother of multiples dilemma — which teacher do we meet first?  My daughter was insistent that we go to her classroom first, while my son was adamant that we go to his. My daughter’s was the first room we passed, so we ended up in hers. Any time my kids meet teachers for the first time, they immediately snap into shy mode.  I can’t get them to shut up at home to save my life, but we meet someone new, and I suddenly become a pole behind which they want to hide.  We checked out the room and found my daughter’s desk and then moved onto my son’s classroom to meet his teacher.

     We then had to work our way through the hallway hysteria once again to locate their much-dreamed-about lockers.  I’m quite certain that my kids think the single most appealing thing about first grade is the fact that they get to store all their crap in their own personal locker.  Consequently, we had to stand there and open and close their new lockers no less than five hundred times each before they were satisfied and ready to call it a day.

     I was so relieved to finally exit the building and breathe in some fresh (and quiet) air.  Don’t get me wrong, I totally get it — everyone is excited and eager to start a new year, and so am I.  However, I just wish it wasn’t so much like walking into Mardi Gras — at least you get beads in New Orleans….

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