End of the School Year Madness


Maybe it’s just me, but the end of the school year always seems to bring with it a boatload of unwanted stress.  Finding a “place” for all the papers that are sent home, trying not to drown in the flood of never-ending emails, buying the gazillion and one thank you gifts — IT NEVER EVER ENDS!  Really, it’s enough to send a sane woman on the first bus to Crazyville.

Honestly, I’m about to just put a giant dumpster in the front yard for all the crap that my kids are bringing home every day.  That way, they can go ahead and “file” their collection of projects on the way in the door.  I mean, call me a sourpuss, but I really don’t need to save every single painting and every single diorama that was created over the last ten months.

And if that’s not a challenge in and of itself, there’s the continuous inflow of emails that are impossible to keep up with.  Hell if I know what committee I’ve signed up for or what carpool I’m supposed to drive!  So if you’re expecting me to bring juice boxes to the class party or to pick up your kid, please forgive me because those instructions are likely buried in my inbox.

Then there’s the crazy-long list of teachers that my twins have decided they want to thank.  And apparently, a handwritten card is not good enough — they want me to go pluck more cash off the imaginary money tree in the back yard to purchase personal gifts for each and every one of them.  Cause you know every teacher is just DYING to get yet another coffee mug.

And, naturally, my children are way too busy bouncing off the walls with summer anticipation to even notice that their mama is running around like a chicken with her head cut off.  But, really, that’s they way it’s supposed to be, right?  And I totally get it — I was a kid, too, back in the olden days of yonder.  After all, as Alice Cooper once said, “The two most joyous times of the year are Christmas morning and the end of school.

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4 Responses to End of the School Year Madness

  1. Leighann says:

    my daughter begins school in september so this will be me very soon. I’m looking forward to her beginning but after reading all of the end of school posts I’m a little nervous.

  2. Dolli says:

    I would like to know who started the tradition of giving teachers gifts? Our kids had teacher appreciation week just a month or so before the end of school, in which the kids wanted to take gifts in, then again at the end f the year? I didn’t get gifts once, let alone twice FOR DOING MY JOB – you know the one you for which you are PAID to do!

  3. stacy says:

    I am SO very with you on this… I was so exhausted by the last day of school I couldn’t even think straight… but my boys teachers this year were AMAZING so on top of the class gift i went ahead & got them each another gift from my boys… but with that & the year end parties; projects; field day; etc… i was just d.o.n.e it’s now barley been over a week we’ve been out & I think we’re all finally caught up on sleep & enjoying just having NOTHING to do.. it’s almost errie when we’re just sitting around thinking “what now?” & we can do whatever we choose.. it won’t last long i know it’ll be school again b/f we know it so i’m ready to enjoy!

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