Happy Birthday to Me


Cue the red carpet, marching band, and fireworks, y’all, cause today is my birthday! Yippee!  But let’s be real here, people — I’m a mom, and we all know what that means. I’ll be schlepping screaming kids from Point A to Point B, scrubbing skid marks out of little undies, and turning to my friend Google to help with the God-foresaken homework help at the end of the night.  In other words, it will likely be just another day.  However, I wouldn’t have it any other way — boogers, temper tantrums, projectile puke and all!

You see, a few decades ago (we don’t need to disclose my EXACT age now, do we?), I got the very best gift in the whole wide world just days after my birthday.  Yep, my twins were born exactly three days after my big day.  I was bound and determined not to give birth on April 16 and have three birthdays to celebrate in one day, so I actually walked around with my legs crossed that day, trying my damnedest not to sneeze.

For some crazy reason, I thought that if we all three shared a birthday, the significance of my arrival into this world would be all but forgotten.  I honestly thought that I would have something to myself — ha!  Clearly, I didn’t realize that I would be sharing EVERY single aspect of EVERY single thing I did with my precious offspring for the next eighteen years.  Gone were the days of peeing or showering without an audience.

Consequently, I’ve pretty much spent my last eleven birthdays planning big to-do’s for someone other than me.  But truth be told, I kinda dig it.  Nothing makes me happier than celebrating the two greatest presents I’ve ever received.  So even if I have to spend my evening tonight scraping peanut butter off the walls and airing out putrid-smelling shin guards, I’ll do it with a grateful smile on my face (and an EXTRA LARGE glass of wine in my hand).


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7 Responses to Happy Birthday to Me

  1. Christine says:

    hahahaa…. I sneezed and my son came 3 weeks early…

  2. Mom2Trplts says:

    Happy Birthday!!

  3. Karen Meng says:

    Girl…you Rock! Have an awesome birthday my friend!

  4. Dolli says:

    Paragraph two…it’s an only child thing

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