Hugh Hefner in the Making?


With the impending Hallmark holiday fast-approaching, I am reminded that a budding young romance can begin even as early as five years old.  My daughter is already head over heels for a little boy in my son’s kindergarten class.  And it must be said that this kid is quite the ladies’ man because both my daughter and one of her little friends are competing for him.  They’ve each declared that they are going to “marry” him, and the other little girl is actually trying to force him to choose between the two of them.  He actually had the guts to ask her if he could just have both of them.  Five years old and already wanting to have his cake and eat it too! This is not “The Girls Next Door,” kid!  Just yesterday during the whole carpool chaos, my daughter and her little friend, much to my dismay, were fighting over who got to kiss this little charmer.  I tried to give a whole explanation about how kissing spreads germs, yada, yada, yada.  Of course, this all went right in one ear and straight out the other.  Now, maybe Romeo is just trying to rack up as many Valentines as possible, but if he shows up to the class party tomorrow in a red smoking jacket, we might just have a problem…..

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