WTH, ABC Family??!!

My kids have always LOVED commercials.  Maybe it’s because their dad works in advertising, or maybe it’s because, unlike me, they never ever get tired of hearing the “Flipeez” theme song that seems to play on repeat between shows.  Whatever the case, when an ad pops up on the screen, my twins are completely riveted.  So when a totally inappropriate commercial was shown during a KID movie on a FAMILY channel, well, my mama feathers got a little more than ruffled.

It was Sunday night, and after a long weekend of sports and sleepovers, my kids had more than earned a little relaxation and movie time.  So we all settled in to watch “Happy Feet” on ABC Family.  About halfway through the movie, I was SHOCKED to see THIS commercial air during a movie that is clearly being viewed by kids:

Now, granted, I realize that the ad was likely targeted at moms watching the movie with their kids.  However, YOUNG GIRLS were also exposed to this ad as well.  And I happen to have a real problem with “weight loss” being thrown at my daughter during a PG-rated movie!!!

As parents, we all know that body image is a real issue with girls especially. And unfortunately, we live in a society where the supposed “perfect body” is very often shoved in our faces, and like it or not, little girls are very much influenced by that.  That’s why in our house, we make a point to never talk about weight or dieting.  We want our daughter to feel comfortable and confident in her own skin.

So when I’m watching a family-friendly movie, I expect the commercials to also be family-friendly.  I’d rather see the damn “Flipeez” ad over and over again then to have Jessica Simpson tell my daughter that she feels better in her skinnier body.  I would think ABC “Family” would know better than that…..


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6 Responses to WTH, ABC Family??!!

  1. Elizabeth says:

    How about: EVERY BODY Is Perfect

  2. Kat says:

    These advertisers and networks have absolutely no scruples! It’s a sad commentary on our society that this kind of thing is allowed to continue.

    Thankfully, we have The Family Channel here in Canada (Disney Channel in the States, I believe) that is aimed at preteens/tweens that has no commercials at all. I don’t love every show on that channel but at least I know that advertisers aren’t getting their claws into my kids’ psyche.

    • nuckingfutsmama says:

      I don’t mind ALL advertising, but I don’t think weight loss is appropriate in any way on a family channel. Sounds like your Canadian channel has the right idea!

  3. Prabs says:

    Hiya. Came across your blog just over a year ago, cried with laughter a full 10 minutes straight at your site’s name and fell in love with your content. Have to confess, this is the first time I’ve popped back in ‘a while and oh my word, I’m so glad I did. This post absolutely resonated with me. I almost yelled “YES!” at the screen when I read it. It’s one thing to send a positive message to kids about the necessity and importance of eating healthily and generally leading a healthy lifestyle to avoid problems such as obesity and heart disease etc. But it’s quite another to shove the “you need to be skinny” message down their throats every day. And that is exactly what the advertising/entertainment/media industry does and has been doing for decades. I’m with you. We don’t mention body issues etc in our house but my 9 year-old still managed to ask me if her tummy looked big the other day. Speechless.

    • nuckingfutsmama says:

      Thanks so much for popping back over!!! And I’m so sorry to hear about your daughter’s question about her tummy — that should never even cross a child’s mind. Makes me so so sad that our society puts so much emphasis on weight & physical appearance. 🙁

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