Google Is My Copilot


Remember that show, “Are You Smarter than a 5th Grader?”  Well, it turns out, I’m apparently not.  You see, I happen to live with two of them, and I’m reminded of that fact nearly every friggin’ night when I try to help them with their homework — I swear we never learned ANY of this stuff until high school or college or, hell, maybe even never!

I kid you not, my twins recently studied PHYSICS in their science class.  Freaking PHYSICS!!!  Yep, they could probably tell you more about force, mass, and gravity than even old Newton himself!  And in math, they’re already learning about geometry and all those super confusing ways you can classify a shape.  I spent a solid ten minutes trying to figure out the difference between a quadrilateral and a polygon, when it turns out that a quadrilateral IS a damn polygon!

And they almost always come to me over my husband when they get tripped up on an assignment.  Because my kids, bless their hearts, are quick to point out that I used to be a teacher pre-momhood, which, in their minds, qualifies me for figuring out the answer to just about anything and everything.  (I hate to burst their little bubbles, but I don’t even remember half of what I used to know!)

Of course, I’m grateful that they’re soaking up all this amazing information we adults took years to even comprehend.  But I’m afraid they’re about to outsmart me any day now!  All I can say is THANK GOD for Google.  Google is my copilot and has helped me look a little less like an idiot on more than a few occasions.  Cause as our kids continue to advance way far ahead of us, we need all the help we can get….



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  1. Jen Felder says:

    Thankful I’m not the only one who feels this way!
    I even sent an email to the teacher asking if there are tutoring hours scheduled for the parents.

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