Texting with the Shorties


As a parent, technology is often my worst enemy.  Not only does it turn my son into a zombified video game addict half the time, but it also gives me gray hairs worrying about the prospect of someone sending a damn naked picture to one of my middle schoolers.  (*Gasp!!!*)  However, I’m starting to realize that the big, bad cyber world can also help to keep me connected to my kids and, dare I say, even bring us closer together?

You see, ever since we bit the bullet and set up data plans on our old iPhones for the kids, my daughter has religiously texted me each and every day on her bus rides to and from school.  Now, it’s usually just a simple little message like, “on the bus” or “at school“, but she often follows that up with a “love u” and a crap-ton of hearts and/or smiley faces. And I gotta tell you, I never knew how freaking happy those goofy emoticons could make a person!


This whole texting-with-my-kids phenomenon has even allowed me to send some last-minute words of encouragement to my shorties when they’ve been feeling less than easy about an upcoming test or a project.  Just recently when my daughter was overly worried about a Spanish quiz, I was able to text her a little pep talk as she was walking into school.  It truly was the next best thing to a good luck high five or a fist bump or a hug. And when I received a sweet, albeit short, response of, “thx“, I couldn’t help but feel like I’d done my part in reassuring her right before she headed into the halls of the fifth grade madness.

Now if I could only get my son to text me something other than, “poop“……


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  1. Kat says:

    I have worried about the things that they can get into now myself but I have to admit that texting has become a great thing. They are in touch with us far more frequently now. Thank goodness, though, for our unlimited texting plan. My son has sent more than 1100 texts in the last 22 days!

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