No Rest for the Weary

With summer camps ending, I have become the unofficial director of “Camp Mama”, who’s expected to have full-day schedules of wild and exciting adventures planned for each and every day.  Thus, my time for writing even something as small as a to-do list has become pretty much non-existent.  The following is what I accomplished when I sat down for five whole minutes to prepare this blog post:










You may notice that that’s a whole lot of nothin’.  My campers apparently don’t believe in any kind of breaks for their fearless leader.  And let me just tell ya that it’s wearing this woman right the eff out!  Now, I wouldn’t trade the time I’ve spent with them for anything in this world, but I would, however, love to put in a request for a nap.  *yawn*

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2 Responses to No Rest for the Weary

  1. ChiTown Girl says:

    Just a suggestion…

    When my sister’s girls were young, she and a few of the other moms in her subdivision started their own “camp” for summer vacations. The moms rotated, taking turns hosting the “camp.” They planned a full day of fun (crafts, games, lunch, snacks, etc) for the kids in the group. I think there was usually 5-6 kids. Each mom, on average, only had to host once a week, meaning the rest of the week, their kids were somewhere else! 😛

    In all seriousness, this was really a God-send for my sister and her friends. I don’t know if you have close friends in your neighborhood, who would be interested in this, but it sure seems like a win-win, doesn’t it?

    • nuckingfutsmama says:

      I absolutely LOVE that idea! However, most of my kids’ friends are either still in camp or going away for vacation. So I’m screwed pretty much. By the time school starts, I’ll be the zombie-fied cross-eyed woman wandering aimlessly around town……

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