Somebody Stop Me Before I Get A Damn Puppy

I don’t know whether I’ve lost my mind or if my ovaries are bored, but lately, I’ve had both babies AND puppies on the brain.  Now I know that deep down, I don’t REALLY want to go back to that whole beginning stage of sleep deprivation and cleaning up poo every ten minutes.  But, that certainly hasn’t stopped me from obsessing over them nonetheless.

It all started when I met the new baby that some friends of ours recently adopted.  He was truly the most precious little thing, all snuggly and sweet and smelling like baby goodness.  I seriously could not get enough of his tiny little head resting against my chest as I automatically went into that whole back and forth rocking thing your body instantly does when holding a newborn.  It got me to thinking that maybe WE should adopt.

But I soon remembered how much I like my sleep and my last bits of sanity and my free time when the kids are at school.  So I then turned my attention to the next best thing — puppies.  Perhaps Goatdog could use a playmate!  And perhaps that playmate would also conveniently fit in my purse and sit in my lap on command!  And unlike human babies, I could stick a young pup in a cage when I need a break!

So I’ve since been trolling the Adopt-A-Pet websites like it’s my job, looking for a pint-sized pooch to add to our mix.  My husband, naturally, thinks I’ve gone off the deep end since he knows full well what havoc ol’ Goatdog (bless his naughty little heart) has wreaked upon our household throughout the past four years.  I’ll have to do some SERIOUS sweet talking to get him to butter up to the idea.  However, I can be pretty darn convincing, so I’ll keep you posted….


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10 Responses to Somebody Stop Me Before I Get A Damn Puppy

  1. HouseTalkN says:

    I’m sorry to be an enable…
    I had baby fever last year and battled it by getting a puppy. Best move ever and baby fever is gone.

  2. Oooooo- I want to come play with your new baby! Um, I mean puppy…

  3. My mom always said this is a feeling we have to deal with every Spring once we have kids. She called it the lambing season. You don’t go to shelters, petting zoos, farms, or pet stores then, or you’ll come home with SOMETHING to take care of. And you have to tell yourself, that if you still feel this way by the end of summer vacation, then it’s real, and not your hormones talking. This didn’t always work mind you…we had a LOT of pets, growing up. But so far, I’ve been able to draw the line at a dog and a cat.

    • nuckingfutsmama says:

      Your mom sounds like a smart woman! I’ll probably still cave though — on the puppy, not the baby…. 🙂

  4. Marta says:

    I have terrible baby fever so don’t even get me started. We got a second dog thinking it would calm our first dog (whom could easily be Goatdog’s long lost twin as they both make Marley appear Saintlike), but that didn’t work. Athens just taught the new dog all his bad behaviors and they got in trouble TOGETHER.

    That said, puppies sure are great!

  5. About the puppy . . . I’m not trying to be an enabler BUT, the second dog is always easier because they learn from the older – already trained – dog.

    Also, maybe what you need is a new PROJECT, like redecorating a room or taking a class or writing a book . . .

    Just some suggestions to help you really look at all the corners of your mind and heart 🙂

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