Sometimes Dogs and Kids Know Best

Isn’t it incredible how both dogs and kids have an innate ability to sense whenever something’s wrong?  You don’t even have to tell them there’s a problem, yet, somehow, they know that there is, in fact, a problem.  I, for one, have been extremely appreciative of that innocent intuition as of lately.

So you may have heard by now about the horrible ordeal my poor dad has been through recently.  Yes, he suffered his third stroke at the young age of 65.  And since my parents live over six hours away, I’ve felt extremely torn between wanting to be there to help and wanting to be here with my husband and kids.  If I could clone myself, it would more than ideal.

But since I can’t, I’ve periodically been found crying on the couch or in the bathroom. And Goatdog, bless his naughty little heart, always seems to come to my rescue.  He sticks right by my side ready to lick away my tears.  Sure, it’s probably in part because he digs the salty taste, but it’s also because he can sense my sadness.  And he doesn’t like it.

The kids are also pretty darn perceptive even when I try to disguise my heartache.  I don’t know how they know, but somehow, they can just tell when I need a great big giant hug. And let me just tell ya, the power of those tight, sweet hugs does wonders for a case of the ol’ blues.

Nope, I wouldn’t trade these three awesome pick-me-uppers for anything in this world:

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5 Responses to Sometimes Dogs and Kids Know Best

  1. I’m sorry about your dad. I hope all is well soon. Glad you have those three to help make the days brighter. I know I wouldn’t trade my little guy and our Pug-a-lug for anything. Especially on days that are gloomy.

  2. Penny Roach says:

    I’m so sorry that you are going through this. It’s very tough when we are caught between caring for sick parents and caring for our young families. Having a supportive partner, as well as kids and pets with unconditional love, are huge assets during times like this. Praying that you get all the {{hugs}} you need during this time!


  3. ChiTown Girl says:

    I’m so sorry to hear about your dad. I was wondering where you’ve been lately, now I get it. Hang in there, and let those three cuties help heal your heart.

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