Last Day at Grammy's

     We left the grandparents’ house in such a frenzy over the weekend, that I didn’t even get a chance to blog about the adventures of our last day there.  You may recall that the visit started out on a bit of a sour note, and in true Nucking Futs fashion, our final day of the trip was no less uneventful.  When it rains in my world, it doesn’t just pour — it MONSOONS!!

     My daughter had been having allergy issues throughout the entire visit, and on our last day, she started complaining that her ear was hurting.  She has been prone to ear infections in the past, so I feared that a trip to the doctor’s office may very well be in our future.  We had planned to go to the pool that day, since the temperature was supposed to be near 100!  My kids absolutely LOVE the pool, so when my daughter started complaining and crying about her ear after swimming under water for a couple of hours, I knew that the day was about to take a turn for the worse.  

     My only option at that point was to take her to one of those walk-in clinics, which I despise with every fiber of my being.  They are always crammed full of sick people coughing and breathing their illnesses all over the place.  And when we got there, it was as expected — full of miserable-looking people, all slumped over their chairs in the teensy tiny little waiting room.  I wanted to hold my breath and scrub my hands the minute we walked in the place.  Rather than squeeze into the middle of this petri dish of germs, I decided to take the kids and wait outside in the sweltering heat. After all, we were still in our wet bathing suits from the pool. 

     Despite the heat, the kids were happy to be outside, at least in the beginning. We were told that it would only be about 30-45 minutes, but after an hour and fifteen minutes, the kids were not so chipper anymore. They were forced to use their imagination to play with the only things around — the dirty, nasty landscaping rocks mixed in with a bunch of cigarette butts left behind from some rather lazy smokers. The kids were playing soccer with the rocks and, naturally, got into a fight, that resulted in my daughter falling and scraping up her knee. We had to go back inside the germ box and ask for a bandaid.  After some hysterical tears and boo-boo fixing, we went back outside to wait some more, only to have my son then announce that he had to poop.  So, again, we had to go back inside the virus tank for him to conduct his business.  I was really getting aggravated at this point. It’d been almost an hour and a half!  

     After I’d asked about three thousand times, they FINALLY put us in an examination room only to have to wait some more.  My kids were about to tear down the walls out of sheer boredom.  When the doctor nonchalantly strolled into the room, I had absolutely no nerves left whatsoever.  He examined my daughter and immediately began filling out prescription forms — four to be exact!  I asked if she did, in fact, have an ear infection, and he said that it wasn’t really a full-fledged ear infection, but that he thought it most likely could turn into one.  I knew I didn’t have much brain power left, but even still, I couldn’t help but wonder why on earth my daughter needed FOUR prescriptions for an ear infection that she didn’t even have yet!!  I immediately called her regular pediatrician’s office after we finally got out of that hellhole to ask if all these medications were really necessary. They said that the guy was basically just trying to cover his ass. They said not to give her all of them and just see how she felt. Her six year check-up is this week anyway, so if it actually does turn into an ear infection, her doctor (who actually knows what the hell he’s doing) will be able to identify it properly.

     After leaving the two and a half hour adventure at the walk-in clinic, we then had to go and retrieve my bank card that an ATM machine had decided to eat the day before.  (Like I said, no dull moments in my world!) The bank was jam-packed with people, and my kids were absolutely looped by this time after being cooped up for so long.  I knew that none of us were going to have the patience to wait for anything, so I asked the first person I saw in the bank if she could go to the back and get my card. While I stood there waiting and my kids ran around like crazy, my daughter decided it’d be hilarious to lift up my cover-up and show the entire bank my black bikini.  The man a few feet from me whistled through his missing tooth and said, “Damn, mama!”  I wanted to die.  

     Luckily, that night, my parents had planned to take us out for dinner to a Mexican restaurant near their house.  All of the day’s problems slowly drifted away with each sip of my margarita on the rocks.  And so concluded our trip to the grandparents’ house.  Guess we rolled into town with a bang and rolled out with an even bigger explosion….


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