Things I’ve Learned This Week

** Projectile t.v. = yes!  Projectile vomit = not so much.

** I’d pretty much give my left arm for a nap.

** You know you married the right person when he’s willing to roll up his sleeves at 3 AM and help you clean up puke.

** Whoever said 40 was the new 30 was either full of shit or drunk.

** My washing machine has run a helluva lot more than I have the past few days.

** Dinner would be so much more enjoyable if someone else made it.

** A really good giggle can make a really bad day a little more bearable.

** Neither Ben Affleck nor Quentin Tarantino got a directing Oscar nod, which further proves the world is full of crazy.

** People just don’t seem to realize that I have no interest in playing “Farmville“.  Ever.

** Thinking about summer camp in January is like buying a winter coat in July.

** Cabin fever has totally gotten the best of me.

** Despite what I might think (and believe me, I REALLY wondered this week), God does not give me more than I can handle.



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6 Responses to Things I’ve Learned This Week

  1. I learned we are officially running out of storm names, i.e. Winter Storm Gandolf. WTF? And that people still are playing Farmville apparently.

  2. Sari says:

    Oops! I married the wrong person. Good thing I still think he’s cute.

  3. Ugh. Right there with you. Why does projectile vomit never happen on linoleum?

  4. Anne says:

    I didnt learn that much thank god but i hope you got a nap

  5. adam share says:

    I enjoyed this blog and I will have to check out what you have learnt/been annoyed by next week. Great stuff.

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