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Hey all and happy new year!!!  Hopefully everyone survived the holiday madness relatively unscathed.  I’m certainly happy I lived to tell about it.  And now, 2013 is starting off with some exciting news!  You may remember me telling you a while back about the web series talk show in which I was cast.  Well, I’m downright giddy to tell you that the first two episodes are now available for viewing on First Run TV!  Yippee!

The other cast members and I are doing our darnedest to try to pimp out the show as much as possible, and we’d be ever so grateful if you could give it a gander and help us to spread the word.  We are also interested in any topics you might like to see us discuss in future episodes.  And if you, too, are a blogger and would like to be a guest, give us a shout!

You can watch the fist two episodes any time at this direct link:


Muchas Grassy - Ass

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  1. The show rocks! Loved the episodes and kudos to you for taking on this project! Looking forward to future episides!

  2. Great job pimping! Whoo hoo, 2013 is gonna be so much Motherblogging fun!


    Heidi- (Girl to

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