Things I’ve Learned This Week

** Santa needs to be A LOT more organized next year.

** I may never see my son again now that Wii U is hooked up in the basement.

** Goatdog REALLY likes to open presents.  Especially ones that don’t belong to him.

** When it snows, everyone seems to have forgotten how to drive.

** Teepeeing the inside of your house is super fun.  Trust me.

** The Rubber Band Launcher seemed like a good idea at the time.

** A warm, sunny beach is sounding pretty awesome right about now.

**  Thanks to the holidays, the blood in my veins has been replaced with wine.

** And the money in my wallet has been replaced with lint.

** I apparently have a very hard time thinking when my kids are at home.

** There are only 362 shopping days left until NEXT Christmas. Yikes!

** Despite what I might think, God does not give me more than I can handle.


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6 Responses to Things I’ve Learned This Week

  1. I learned that “less is more” as far as Christmas goes!
    Writing Pad Dad

  2. Rachelle says:

    I live for these posts! I am a single mom of 6 and I rarely have time to speak in non-Dora language let alone read and write these days but I read these “things I’ve learned this week” every time you write them. They remind me to laugh through it 🙂

    • nuckingfutsmama says:

      Wow!!!! I am seriously bowing down before you — single mom of SIX????!!! You are a superhero!!!! Hope to keep bringing you some much-needed giggles! 🙂

  3. Kat says:

    Except for the dog part, you have just described my life this week. You just get me 🙂

  4. Anne says:

    Yep on the organized part ugh. Yes on the dog part dakota had tootsie rolls while we were gone one night. And snow brings out the stupid in people.

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