The Apacolyptic Morning Meltdown

It’s never ever easy to be a parent, but man, some days are just harder than others, aren’t they?  And when you’re dealing with an overtired child, you’re pretty much fighting an unbeatable battle, like a kitten trying to hold its own against a wolverine.  Yep, this is exactly how my week began yesterday (as if Mondays weren’t bad enough already!)

It had been a long, EXHAUSTING weekend, jam-packed full of activities, and I knew that the start of the school week wouldn’t be pretty.  I seriously feared that my daughter’s head would spin around and green soup would spew all over me when I tried to wake her up.  Much to my surprise, though, both kids quietly waddled downstairs for breakfast and speedily packed up their bags.  I held my breath as I walked them out the door to send them on their way, praying that the peacefulness would continue to last.

And that’s just about the time that my daughter started rubbing her eyes and complaining that they hurt.  This all very quickly escalated into tears and sobs as my son and his friends patiently waited on the sidewalk for the drama to come to an end.  But when she continued to work herself into an even bigger tizzy, I told the boys to go on ahead to school while I tried to console the emotional mess on my front porch.

I tried EVERYTHING to try to calm her down (eye drops, a cold washcloth, candy, money), but NOTHING seemed to work.  She just kept blubbering on and on about her eyes hurting.  Deep down in my heart, I knew that she was just tired, and I was sure that she would be completely fine once she got into her classroom and took her mind off it.  Plus, I had shit to do!

By some stroke of pure luck, I was FINALLY able to get her into the car and into the front doors of the school.  Hallelujah!  Unfortunately for me though, I hadn’t bothered to put on a bra or even change out of my pajamas because I assumed I would just drop her off and go.  However, she flat-out refused to go upstairs to her locker unless I accompanied her.  The big, watering puppy dog eyes just killed me, so I dragged my bra-less, haggard-looking self up to the second floor as my patience wore thinner and thinner.

By the time we got to her locker, she’d started welling up again and hugging me for dear life.  The only complaint she seemed to have was about her eyes, which gave me the idea to take her to down to the school nurse’s office.  After taking her temperature and doing a quick little examination, she, too, concluded that nothing seemed to be wrong with my daughter.  So once again, we high-tailed it back up the stairs as I passed countless teachers and parents with my boobs flopping every step of the way.  Awesome, right?

By that point, I had completely had it with the whole song and dance and decided tough love was the only route to take.  (Plus, I remembered that I was parked in an illegal spot with my flashers on — CRAP!)  So I gave her one last hug and kiss and went on my way.  Sure, I felt awful leaving her there, but I knew it had to be done.

And wouldn’t ya know that she was completely FINE once she got situated in her desk and ended up having what she later described as “the best day ever“??!!  Unbelievable!  Sometimes the baby bird just needs a little nudge from the mama bird.  So I guess I can call off the exorcism.  For now anyway…..


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7 Responses to The Apacolyptic Morning Meltdown

  1. Rachael says:

    I love this post so much. I’m sorry you had to go through it…but boy did you have me cringing for you while also laughing out loud. I’m a fan of your style and your attitude, definitely a brighter start to my morning. I’m a mom of a 2 y/o so I know not what comes before me, reading this shit will toughen me up. haha Thanks!

    P.S. So so glad that she had a good day, I felt so bad for her… but you were so right. Go mama!

  2. Steph says:

    Sad to hear that inconsolable crying doesn’t end after the toddler years. Someone should’ve seriously warned me about this shit a few years ago.

  3. Bonnie says:

    Are you sure my daughter is not living in your house? The sentiment pretty much sums up too many mornings for us (sans the braless march through the school, thanks the gods!).
    My daughter is brilliant, sweet, loving, empathetic, caring and goes up against bullies and takes a kick to the shins for her acts against the jerks, but geeze she is NOT a morning person (she comes by that honestly). Getting her up and out of the house is nothing short of painful most mornings. *sigh*
    You are a good woman, an excellent mom and I love your tales of honesty as life happens. We are ALL in the same boat – we just need to keep paddling (and passing the martinis to one another).
    Keep on keeping on sister!

  4. Just in case she has the beginning of pink eye or any other eye irratation may I suggest what I use and it works amazing

    Go to a natural store and get a bottle of “Sovereign Silver” it comes with an eye dropper and this stuff works fast!!!

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