Things I’ve Learned This Week

** Once again, I have no desire to go out and get all crazy on New Year’s Eve.  (I’d rather do it the night BEFORE New Year’s Eve.)

** Christmas cookies seriously kicked my ass this year.

** Trying to write with a house full of people is like trying to have sex with a house full of people (uh….not that I would know or anything.)

** A brick wall would respond more to a conversation than my kids do sometimes.

** “Sex and the City” re-runs never ever get old.

** The enormous piles of holiday trash in our alley have taken on a life of their own.

** Changing the sheets on a bunk bed is a HUGE pain in the patooty.

** Taking video games away as a consequence only ends up punishing me.

** Every time I drink hot chocolate, I hear Tom Hanks in my head singing that song from “The Polar Express” movie.

** Tator tots are a real crowd pleaser.  Who knew?!

** When one mess is cleaned up, ten more appear in its place.

** It’s really hard to appreciate a rare moment of stillness in the house when the smell of dog ass is permeating the air.

** Despite what I might think, God does not give me more than I can handle.



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6 Responses to Things I’ve Learned This Week

  1. That card is AWESOME!

    Cookies and comfort food (as in homemade Polish and Italian food) are totally kicking my ass!

    Also, I just love love love this series on your blog! I look forward to it every Friday.

    Have a great New Year’s!

    • nuckingfutsmama says:

      Aww, you just totally brought a smile to my face with that awesome compliment! I love this series too because it forces me to reflect on all the crap I went through to get to Friday! Hope you have a safe & happy New Year’s too! xo 🙂

  2. Dolli says:

    Good to know about the bunk beds since Santa brought our youngest 2 bunks for Christmas. Fantastic.

  3. Ally says:

    I celebrated a little the day we got rid of my son’s loft bed. And maybe snickered a little to myself at the poor unsuspecting soul that bought it.

  4. Grammy says:

    I learned that I bought my Granddaughter so much crap that I now need a bigger house….

    And I’ve nominated you for the Versatile Blogger award! You’re welcome??? Unless you didnt want one and then I’m sorry….:)

  5. KatZander says:

    I’ve learned how to grout a tile floor! It was fun the first 30 minutes…however, sore muscles will be around for at least 3 days AFTER the blissful event!

    LOVE your comment: “Sex and the City” re-runs never ever get old. (I agree!)

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