Jolly Juice

The other day I sent out a tweet that could quite possibly be misconstrued as naughty by nature — I said something to the effect of “My husband’s Jolly Juice is a-flowing“.  Now many of you may have thought that this was some sort of sexual reference (cause let’s be honest, usually it is), but surprisingly, this time, it was actually a very innocent comment referring to a new cocktail recipe that I found recently and somehow persuaded my husband to whip up for our friends and family.  So I feel that it is now my God-given duty to pass along the how-to for this tasty little concoction. Hold onto your party hats, folks, cause THIS is what you wanna serve at your New Year’s bash:


6 oz. frozen orange juice
12 oz. lemonade
18 oz. unsweetened pineapple juice
18 oz. cranberry juice
18 oz. vodka
12 oz. Club Soda
Mixed frozen fruit for ice block or ring: strawberries, limes, oranges, lemons, etc.

Combine all ingredients except vodka and club soda. When ready to serve, add vodka and club soda. Pour into punch bowl over ice block. Makes 21 (4 oz.) or 14 (16 oz.) servings.

Now is this jolly-looking or what???

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7 Responses to Jolly Juice

  1. OMG!! I am so doing this …ummm instead of Bloody Mary… It had OJ in it so It can be drank in the morning…Thanks for sharing;-)

  2. Shannon Rowe says:

    This sounds great, going to serve this for New Years as you suggested…thanks!

  3. Ally says:

    Just added this to my recipe file. Yum!

  4. rachel says:

    yum! the best kind of jolly juice! unfortunately i am currently icing my throat (i had my tonsils out today) and apparently alcohol and vicodin don’t play nicely together. ; )

  5. John says:

    Oh, so you mean that, during the holidays, your husband isn’t just oozing his love serum all over the place?

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