If you’ve been following my blog for any length of time, you know by now that Goatdog and I have a love/hate relationship.  Sure, he may look cute and all, but don’t let that fool ya for even one little second:

He is the Tazmanian Devil disguised as an Airedale.  You’d see just what I mean if you were to watch him in action when someone approaches our front door.  It’s like a bull’s charging full speed ahead at a red piece of cloth.  The jackass will no doubt body slam himself straight through the glass one of these days.

This is exactly what he did the other day when the carpet guy game to our house for an appointment.  I’d managed to let the man in the door, just in time for Goatie to come barreling like a damn canon toward the poor guy.  I quickly grabbed the dog’s collar to try to pull him back, but I must have lost my footing somewhere in the process.  I ended up flipping completely over the dog and landing smack dab on my back across the petrified carpet dude’s feet.  His shoes were literally pinned to the floor, thanks to my big, fat head.

Naturally, I figured the best way to handle this rather embarrassing situation was to try to bring some humor into it.  So I blurted out, “Welcome to my world!” while smiling up at him from the floor.  He laughed rather uncomfortably as he surely thought long and hard about how to wriggle his feet out from under my head and get the hell outta dodge.  And it comes as no big surprise that I have not heard back from him ever since that fateful day.  I guess he’s not a fan of strange ladies sprawled across his tootsies….

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9 Responses to Charrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrge!!!

  1. OMG, I love this!! My dogs are rude and have no manners and ALWAYS embarass me! You are priceless – love the reply to the carpet dude.

  2. OOps, I commented but it got lost somewhere! I love this story so much – I have two rude, unmannered dogs who always embarass me – thanks for sharing. LOVE your reply to the carpet dude!

  3. MamaBennie says:

    O goatdog *sigh* I hope he was at least a decent looking carpet guy.

  4. Brad Jenkins says:

    Too bad you weren’t able to post this on talk like a pirate day.

  5. Marta says:

    Yeah me and my dogs (yes plural, yes I’m crazy) have a very similar relationship. This is why we don’t let people in our house that are not expecting to be attacked my large very friendly dogs. This also means that things stay broken until my husband can figure out how to fix them and I meet the delivery man outside. =)

  6. Ally says:

    While I’m sure it wasn’t too funny at the time, the visual you just painted is absolutely hilarious! So what was the dog doing while you were laying on the guys feet? 😉

  7. Laci says:

    Ohh he looks so innocent! Our (and by our I totally mean my because nobody else in the house can handle his hyper personality) boxer is just like that. He looks all innocent in the picture but whewww in really life time, watch out!

  8. so lets get this straight … you threw yourself at a guys feet.
    And now you can’t even give him money?
    ooohh … not good, not good at all 😉

  9. I have two small dogs – so I don’t have the same “can knock you over” possibility – but they get terribly excited when the doorbell rings.

    The only solace is the baby gates that we have setup everywhere in the house – they keep the dogs corralled, so we haven’t had any embarrassing situations at the front door. At least, none recently.

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