Shout Out for Scout!

I never ever get surprise packages in the mail.  In fact, the only time I ever receive a box on my front porch is when I order it myself or when my kids drag their crap out there to play some kind of crazy made-up game of theirs.  So when I came home to find an unexpected parcel waiting for me a couple of weeks ago, well, I nearly peed my pants, y’all.

Much to my surprise, the delivery was from a great company called Bungalow, which is all about making attractive-looking bags that don’t send you to the poor house.  And inside was the most fantabulous Scout bag!  Technically, its purpose is a diaper bag, but since I don’t really have any babies in my world anymore (even though these people around here often act like infants), I totally plan to use it as a beach/pool bag this summer.  Here is a pic of the waterproof tote bag full of awesomeness that I’m now proud to call my own:

There are so many things I love about this bag.  First and foremost, my kids can spill all the juice boxes they want on it, and it won’t in any way be ruined forever.  Total bonus!  Also, it has so many fantastically-placed pockets for storing the million and one things that I’m constantly lugging around with me, thanks to my pat-racking children.  It is also very easy to carry on your shoulder since the straps have obviously been designed with absolute comfort in mind.  I, personally, am all about this feature since I’ve had my fair share of bags that feel like they’re digging friggin’ caverns in my damn shoulder.

So if you want to hook yourself up with a super cute and comfy bag for the summer (or any other season, for that matter), go check out  There are so many fun prints and styles from which to choose.  And God knows we all love adding another bag to our ever-growing collections.  But it’s all in the name of fashion, right?  🙂

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