It’s Nice to Not Feel Like a Doormat For a Change

Every now and then my family totally and completely surprises me.  Just when I’ve had it up to here and have all but bought a one-way ticket to Timbuktu for myself, they go and do something really nice to show me that they actually DO appreciate me.  This is why I wanted to freeze-frame the latter part of Mother’s Day so that it would never ever end — a girl could really get used to being treated like an actual human being, ya know.

Although it ended pleasantly, the day didn’t necessarily start off on the best foot.  My son had a baseball game (yeah, HUGE thanks to the jackhole who planned that, by the way), and my daughter insisted on having to go to the bathroom after we’d been there maybe ten whole minutes.  And naturally, the only option was a dilapidated ol’ Porta-Potty that was oh-so-conveniently located on the complete opposite end of the park.  The smell was so bad that I had to hold my breath just to open the door.  Turns out that some thoughtful soul had very graciously left a giant piece of poo on the floor as a souvenir.  How’s that for a Mother’s Day treat, y’all?!  Needless to say, when my son announced that he had to pee during the fourth inning, he was quickly directed to the nearest tree.

Luckily, though, aside from this rather unfortunate run-in with the shitter, the day only got better from there.  My kids surprised me with an unexpected appointment for an aromatherapy massage in the afternoon, which was just what the doctor ordered, followed by a nice family dinner that night at one of my favorite restaurants.  I honestly thought I’d died and gone to Heaven since this was so far-fetched from my normal everyday reality. The best part, however, was seeing the “personalized” gifts that each of my kids had prepared for me.

My son, the next up-and-coming Steve Jobs (mark my words, people!), presented me with a little message that he’d created all on his very own with his Nintendo DSi:

And that artistic little daughter of mine bestowed upon me a whole book of reasons why I’m “the best mother ever” (be still my heart):

If only they realized that it takes so very little to make their mama happy. That’s why when a rare moment comes along when you don’t feel like the maid or the chauffeur or the short order cook, well, ya gotta just soak up every last little second of it. You might blink, and it’ll all be over with before you know it.

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7 Responses to It’s Nice to Not Feel Like a Doormat For a Change

  1. MamaBennie says:

    Wow, I wish I got….anything for mother’s day. I also wish I didn’t make my own breakfast/lunch/dinner, do dishes or the laundry for that matter. O yea, or watch 2 beastly screaming children that were fighting with each other the whole day. Good times. *head/desk*

    • nuckingfutsmama says:

      Aww, boo, mama! You totally need a do-over day! Tell your family that you demand an IOU cause you deserve to be treated like a queen, at least for a day!!!!

  2. Lizzard72 says:

    I had a nice quiet day, almost thought they forgot me until the eldest finally got out of bed and called me. Then there was banishment to my room to read and nap, followed by dinner and cards. SImple works I think.

  3. Sara Broers says:

    Gotta love those kiddos! They can pull through for ya….

  4. Dang, maybe the mom that took her kid in the before complained about not getting anything and her kid dripped one off for her! Yuck!

    I bought and wrapped my own present! A box of perfume. Hey its much easier to go and get what I want, because they all seem to get things they want but say they are for me. Like a bird and a bunny!

    Not awesome!


  5. What an awesome second part of the day!! Yes, a girl could so get used to that!

  6. Ally says:

    I think I threw up a little in my mouth at the thought of that porta-potty. But the rest of your post was VERY sweet! Definitely gotta soak up those moments!

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